NASA Headquarters


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As NASA Headquarters’ designated exhibit house since 2000, Capitol Exhibit Services handles the trade show exhibit program at an average of 40 events per year. With multiple booth properties designed and fabricated over the years ranging from 10‟x10‟ to 30‟x100‟, services include exhibit design, fabrication, storage, shipping, installation and dismantle labor, and ordering of on-site show services.

In addition to the design and fabrication of numerous custom exhibits for both national and international use, CESi has managed special events and Capitol Hill presentations, and periodic changing of NASA‟s lobby displays at their headquarters in Washington, DC. CESi also supports last minute requirements utilizing an array of portable exhibits, banner stands, artifacts, display cases, and custom interactive displays.

Most recently, CESi produced a custom 20‟x20‟ capable of reducing to a 10‟x10‟ configuration. This modular exhibit was designed and constructed utilizing all of our in house capabilities from exhibit design, graphic design and production, fabrication, project management, warehouse management and shipping, to show site installation and supervision. All components are interchangeable to accommodate any floor plan needed for various booth sizes and venues. The exhibit was also designed to be used with various height restrictions. The graphics are all interchangeable so that content can be changed for the varying audience. In addition to producing the modular components, CESi was required to produce custom components to support the audiovisual special effects including touch screen monitors and lighting. CESi was tasked to complete this project within a six-week time period as well as stay within the budget guidelines set forth in the GSA contract. This exhibit made its debut at The Paris Air Show, and from there will travel to many other international destinations.